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Meeting began with the prayer and the pledge.  Mark Hannan spoke about the progress with Southamptonfest.  A reminder to keep selling those tickets.  Sponsorships are available at $250.  Dermot Dolan spoke about Atlantic Golf Outing coming up next month.  Travis Corwin was our sargent.  Seamus won the 50/50 but picked the wrong Jack (of spades).  So the pot gets bigger.  Be sure to get in on those raffle tickets, only $3.  Travis talked about National Sober day, and that we've been only recording history for a 5000 years.  We learned the Star Spangled Banner is 209  years old.  A reminder that our meeting next week is at Publick House.  All of the money that is raised during guest sargent, Don (Sully) Sullivan's routine will go to our donation to Maui.  Rosane interviewed Brian Leiser in our Meet The Rotarian segment.  Brian is very proud of his 3 Paul Harris Awards.  
Meeting began with the prayer and the pledge.   Everyone was handed their Southamptonfest tickets.  Sponsorships for the event are available at $250.  You can contact chairperson Mark Hannan for more information.  Tim Corwin spoke about the Saturday hike at Barrel hill.  A reminder that our meeting for the 21st (Next Week)will be at the Publick House starting at 5:30pm .  There will be a board meeting for all board members before.  Karen Acker was the sargent.  For the second week in a row, Paul won the 50/50 but did not pick the correct card, the jack of hearts.  We learned that Boston was created in 1630.  Our program was Color Me Cancer Free,  Lynn & Dan Faherty.  They spoke about an inspirational story motivated by a child with cancer, to create a children's book telling the story of the child.  They were motivated to create the book, and distribute to anyone who wants it.  Remember I am brave,  I am Strong, I believe it.   
Meeting began with the prayer and the pledge.  Michael talked about a new initiative started by the Bellport Rotary to donate to the disaster in Maui.  We are asking for personal donations.  Checks can be written to Southampton Rotary, in the memo section put Maui.  (See letter).  Dermot spoke about the upcoming 10/11 golf outing at Atlantic Golf Club.  We will be looking for volunteers soon.  There are t-sign sponsorships available for $250.  Please contact Dermot Dolan for anything related to the outing.  Sean talked about the success of his cocktail party.  We had 17 rotarians in attendance.  Tom Guldi was the Sergeant  Tim won the 50/50 but picked the 5 of spades.  We got to know a little more about Mark Hannan in our Meet the Rotarian segment.  
The meeting began with the Prayer and the Pledge.  We started the meeting by inducting new member Dan Patterson. The Southampton Inn serves us meatloaf and mashed potatoes.   Tom Guldi had his brother and his wife as guests.  Another round of applause for the outstanding efforts at Fresh Air Home last week.  Tim Corwin selected the 5 of spades, that's the wrong card.  Karen Acker, Sergeant discussed National Mosquitoes day and quizzed the rotary faithful to raise money for future causes.  Judi Roth & Kathleen McCluskey spoke to us about motivating the youth to vote.  Looking at poll data there is a lot of work to do. We appreciate their efforts in resolving this local and national issue
It's always a rewarding experience going to the Fresh Air Home and seeing all the smiling kids faces.  This year i moved up from Utensils, to Macaroni and Cheese and who doesn't want eat Mac & Cheese.  We had a great attendance turn out for the event.    I enjoyed the food so much i got to bring home a whole tray of chicken tenders back to the house.  We appreciate everyone who showed for a great day of giving back.  Photo album can be found here
Meeting came to order with the pledge and the prayer.  Sean made an announcement about the upcoming Evening at Rogers Mansion August 11th.   Beau made an announcement about this week's Fresh Air Home event.  Dermot made an announcement about the upcoming golf event at Atlantic Golf Club.  The event will be limited to 88 players, and reported about halfway sold.   T-Signs sponsorships are $250.  Travis won the 50/50 but it was the 6 of spades .  Travis Corwin was our sergeant he talked about Watermelon Day.  Talked about the death of legend, Tony Bennett.  Dermot was best dressed.  There are 11 Village beaches.  Our program was  Ann Gomberg and Julie Ratner of Ellen Hermanson Foundation, they talked about all of their work with Ellen Hermanson Foundation.  We did a breast cancer exercise where everyone stood up knew someone who has suffered with breast cancer.  The Ellen Hermanson Foundation is hosting their annual Summer Gala on August 20th.  
The meeting began with the prayer and the pledge.   Tim Corwin made an an announcement about Saturday's two part hike around Trout  Pond, and Clam Island.  Sean announced that for every ticket that was purchased by a rotary member, that $25 would go back to the club as a donation.  More information can be found here.  Beau made an announcement about Fresh Air home, we are asking everyone to wear their rotary swag. Paul Cassella won the 50/50, as he did last year during the same week (came up on my facebook memories).  Tom Guldi was the Sargent.  Joy Rootkowski was our program.  She had some amazing stories about how horses had impacts on people's lives.  As lemons we are all different.  
We began the meeting with the prayer and the pledge.  Sean D talked about the upcoming event at Roger's Mansion on August 11th.   Tom Guldi spoke about visiting Mario Gosslin in Switzerland.  Beau Hulse announced the August 10th date for our annual visit the Fresh Air Home in Southampton.  Karen Acker was our Sargent who just happened to pick the winning ticket.  She picked the other red jack, the jack of diamonds.  Our program was Serena Martin of New Hour, Long Island   She spoke about supporting women in jail, and some of the projects she's been working on, including a safe home they are building for 7 women.
Our new president, Michael Gomberg got to ring the bell in his first meeting as president.  The meeting began with the pledge, and the prayer.  We enjoyed some delicious pasta served from the Southampton Inn.  We had a lot to talk about with our 8k run and installation dinner the previous week.  Harold talked about the upcoming baseball game scheduled for tomorrow.  Check the events section for more information.  The big news came when Alexis Mayer drew the winning ticket and found the Jack of Hearts among the 7 cards that were left.  Alexis won $762, congratulations.  Travis Corwin was our sargent.  He talked about National Fried Chicken day and flag facts.  He also auctioned off a one of a kind paper weight with the Rotary logo engraved in it.  Our program was Frank who talked about S.C.O.T.T. Program.  A trade school initiative to encourage blue collar workers to live and work in the area.  
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