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Meeting began with the prayer and the pledge.  The Firecracker has a date July 7th, 2024.  Tom Guldi was our sargent,  Ed D won the 50/50.  We learned that in 1980 the US Hockey team beat the USSR.  In 1959 the first race was in Daytona.  The Purple heart is given away for bravery.  Our program was Paul Rubin from Camp Good Mourning.  1 in 12 American children experience death of a parent or sibling by the age of 18.  They provide children's bereavement camp program for Long Island Children ages 7-17 coping with a death of a parent or sibling.  It was very interesting to listen to Paul and his passion for his charity.  Here is a list of his socials if you know of anyone in this situation 


Our Meeting began with the prayer and the pledge.  Reminder to all Rotarians we are meeting for a picture on March 6th.   We will be doing a food drive again, next week.  We will remind everyone.  Harold was our sargent, Ed D won the 50/50.   We continue our journey next week trying to find the Jack Of Hearts.  Michael G, and Kevin L were recognized in 27east for being financial power players, well done.  Harold educated us on ancient rituals to how valentine's day was started.  Vday cards started being mass produced in 1913.  Ex President  Richard Nixon dialed up a play during the Super Bowl that didn't work out well.   Why should you marry a pastry chef?  Because their a deserter.  Amy Engel was our program and educated us about Science & Technology at Brookhaven Lab.  Pretty cool things they were doing at the lab, I think we left feeling very impressed and educated.
Meeting began with the prayer and the pledge.   Sean Denehy and Nick Dyno were in the Southampton Press about a new robotics program.  You can read the article in 27east here with a subscription.  Travis was our sargent.  Paul won the 50/50 again, I used the winnings to purchase a Superbowl Box.  Sales for the Superbowl boxes closed on Saturday evening after my friend Rob Gallo purchased 2 more boxes,  we had 5 boxes left that were purchased by Michael and Rosane.  I appreciate everyone's support on the Superbowl box fundraiser, the 25 dollar box was a great idea to get more people involved in the fundraiser.  I've sold more boxes every year, and advice in how we can sell more boxes, pull me aside and let me know.  Very proud of the growth and success this fundraiser has, and it's really fun to raise money this way.  We learned about National Kite Day and that the Black Marlin is the fastest fish.   Our program was Joseph Lorio with Ombudsmanprogram (Nursing Home Advocates).  It was interesting to hear from Joe and how passionate he is about helping people in the nursing home advocate for better conditions, and treatment.  
Our meeting began with a prayer and the pledge.  Dermot made an announcement about a Winter Clothing Drive.  They will be collecting until the end of March.   Items may be dropped off at his office in Bridgehampton, he's also collecting at Southampton Inn, during meetings.  Michael made an announcement about our Superbowl Pool  .  We have about 45 boxes left.  All $25 boxes will be converted to $50 boxes.  Please spread the word, we are collecting for our student scholarships and with ideas of adding a few, we need to really be aggressive in selling these boxes.  If you need any info, contact chair Paul Cassella.  Tom was the sargent.  Ed won the 50/50 but selecting the Jack of Hearts was not to be, so the journey to find the jack of hearts continues.  Tom dazzled the rotary faithful with some you might be a redneck jokes.  Then he teased us with history questions.  Mary was back answering questions.  Our program was Katherine Yamaguchi from Contractors for Kids.  She urged us to help her out on their social media channels to spread the word about their charity.  They have 2 upcoming fundraising events that i've saved below.  Contractors for Kids picks up the tab for unexpected expenses that occur for when people get sick.  It was great having Katherine join us and talk about all of the great charity work she's doing.
Meeting began with a prayer and the pledge.  We had some new faces in the crowd Jeff from Chase Bank, and Paul Smith prospective members to our club.  Remember this week we are doing a food drive.  Travis Corwin was our Sergeant.  Rachel won the 50/50.  We learned about National Michigan Day, Thesaurus Day (remember those books)  .  Best dressed was Harold Wilson.  We learned that you can't give out candy while jumping on top of a car.  Our program was Steve from the new and improved Bentley Hotel.  They told us about their renovations.  New Pool and event space.  Their building a resteraunt.  There welcoming new events to be hosted on the facility's properties . You can visit them on the web at bentleysouthampton.com, or 631-283-1089
Meeting began with the prayer ant he Pledge.  Tom brought his son Brenden and John Betts from Shippys.  Guest John won the 50/50 but did not pick the Jack of Hearts.   Harold Wilson was our sargent.  Brenden and Rosane won best dressed.  I got fined for flashing the rotary,  In 1961 1001 dalmations came out.  There were 82 stage performances of One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.  Also Dog owners must provide DNA in Bolerno, Italy because of all of the access waste.  Faux pax as police got called in for Neon sign in Southampton.  Our guest Linda Altenburger provided us with an education on Diabetes helping the rotary understand the dangers of this horrible disease.
Our Meeting began with the prayer and the pledge.  Rosane Cassella spoke about our the joy of interviewing all of the applicants and picking the people who got the schlorships, including announcing the names.  A conversation broke out about giving out more schlorships and creating diversity in the selection process.  Lori W won the 50/50 but did not pick the jack of hearts.  Harold Wilson was the sargent.  We had a surprise Meet the Rotarian with Kevin Luss, interviewed by Rosane Cassella
Meeting began with the prayer and the pledge.  Tom Guldi volunteered to attach a solar light to the peace pole.  We enjoyed Meatloaf and Mashed Potatoes.  Tom Guldi was our Sargent.  Paul wins the 50,50...again...again...again.  I picked a heart but not the jack of hearts.  Our program was Julie Hatfield from Funds for Trades, provided program by Nick Dyno.  There mission is to provide a direction for laborers to get involved in training in the fields of trades like plumbing, and electric.  They also provide assistance with getting the job too.  
Our meeting began with a prayer and the pledge.  Vicky had her friend Mary as a guest.  Paul made an announcement about the beginning of our Superbowl Boxes Fundraiser.  We are selling $50/boxes and $25/boxes if your interested please inquire.  Instructions are sent in this newsletter and in the Events section of our website.  Kevin Luss was our sargent.  President Michael won the 50/50 but did not pick the J of Hearts.  Mark Hannon was most likely to cry.  We learned about not being allowed to play cards on Sunday in Alabama.  There are no fake mustaches allowed in church in Kansas.  Utah is the 45th State to enter the union.  Rosane was best dressed.  The continued jealousy over my new rotary shirt as I was called a traffic cone (hilarious by the way).  Our program was Emily from East End Hospice.  She talked about their 30 years of end of life care from Montauk to Orient Point.  They are a non for profit that maintains a 5 star rating.  She answered a lot of questions from the rotary faithful.  We happily gave her our annual donation.
Rosane was inspired to put up a peace pole in Southampton after 2 programs by Rocky Point Rotarian Kevin Mann.  As many of you know I work with Rosane, and one day she mentioned "Hey Paul, i bought the pole"  I responded ok great where do you want to put it, she says "Agawam Park"  .  So a few months ago I reached out to new mayor Bill Manger who I invited to a Rotary Meeting, so i had his information.  It wasn't too long after Rosane bought the pole that I ran into Bill at the Shell gas station in Riverhead, on my way out to poker.  I mentioned to him, that we wanted to do the pole, and I would be contacting his office.  Bill was familiar with peace poles so I didn't have to explain that much to him, he thought it was a good idea.  A few weeks later we had a meeting with Bill, Rosane, Lynda D, myself, and President Michael Gomberg. 
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