Our meeting began with a prayer and the pledge.  Vicky had her friend Mary as a guest.  Paul made an announcement about the beginning of our Superbowl Boxes Fundraiser.  We are selling $50/boxes and $25/boxes if your interested please inquire.  Instructions are sent in this newsletter and in the Events section of our website.  Kevin Luss was our sargent.  President Michael won the 50/50 but did not pick the J of Hearts.  Mark Hannon was most likely to cry.  We learned about not being allowed to play cards on Sunday in Alabama.  There are no fake mustaches allowed in church in Kansas.  Utah is the 45th State to enter the union.  Rosane was best dressed.  The continued jealousy over my new rotary shirt as I was called a traffic cone (hilarious by the way).  Our program was Emily from East End Hospice.  She talked about their 30 years of end of life care from Montauk to Orient Point.  They are a non for profit that maintains a 5 star rating.  She answered a lot of questions from the rotary faithful.  We happily gave her our annual donation.