Our Meeting began with the prayer and the pledge.  Reminder to all Rotarians we are meeting for a picture on March 6th.   We will be doing a food drive again, next week.  We will remind everyone.  Harold was our sargent, Ed D won the 50/50.   We continue our journey next week trying to find the Jack Of Hearts.  Michael G, and Kevin L were recognized in 27east for being financial power players, well done.  Harold educated us on ancient rituals to how valentine's day was started.  Vday cards started being mass produced in 1913.  Ex President  Richard Nixon dialed up a play during the Super Bowl that didn't work out well.   Why should you marry a pastry chef?  Because their a deserter.  Amy Engel was our program and educated us about Science & Technology at Brookhaven Lab.  Pretty cool things they were doing at the lab, I think we left feeling very impressed and educated.