Rosane was inspired to put up a peace pole in Southampton after 2 programs by Rocky Point Rotarian Kevin Mann.  As many of you know I work with Rosane, and one day she mentioned "Hey Paul, i bought the pole"  I responded ok great where do you want to put it, she says "Agawam Park"  .  So a few months ago I reached out to new mayor Bill Manger who I invited to a Rotary Meeting, so i had his information.  It wasn't too long after Rosane bought the pole that I ran into Bill at the Shell gas station in Riverhead, on my way out to poker.  I mentioned to him, that we wanted to do the pole, and I would be contacting his office.  Bill was familiar with peace poles so I didn't have to explain that much to him, he thought it was a good idea.  A few weeks later we had a meeting with Bill, Rosane, Lynda D, myself, and President Michael Gomberg. 
Bill thought it was a good idea, but he had to get it approved my other town members.  Within weeks we had an installation and a date on the calander to have a ceremony in Agawam, last Saturday.   I ran sound for the event. I played some Christmas music, and some of us went to Publick House to celebrate.  Personally it was an honor to be apart of this project .  Rosane has a plan to install more peace poles in her region, we've been talking about some great spots.  If the opportunity comes up to be apart of another peace pole project, i will jump at that opportunity.  The photo gallery slideshow can be viewed using this link